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Working towards the preservation of American Mustangs and Burros. Through adoption, advocacy, education and networking.

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National Treasure Wild Horse and Burro Rescue

Saving America's Wild Ones

National Treasure Wild Horse and Burro Rescue is a not for profit dedicated to the rescue and advocacy of our treasured and endangered wild horses and burros. Our mission is to help preserve the lives of America's Wild Horses and Burros through awareness about the plight of these cherished equines, through adoption and networking.  

Adoption is an awesome option!

Adopting wild horses and burros is the best option to save captured mustangs and burros. The 1971 Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act has essentially been amended and violated to a point where these animals are no longer safe. The Burns amendment allowed for three strikes (meaning horses not adopted after 3 adoption events can be sold without qualifying the buyer), potentially putting them at risk. The BLM often does roundups without allowing observations, there are often casualties in these roundups.  The BLM advisory committee and some in Congress and the Senate are calling for the slaughter of about 45,000 wild horses and burros in holding. The Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke supports this unpopular proposal. There are many more roundups happening currently, which make our battle more urgent than in the past. Time is running out! We must sound the alarms and wake up the American people! 

This is a difficult battle because there are many influences that a government agency has on the minds of the public. Deception is a tool they are well versed in using. They have an agenda which doesn't preserve our wild horses and burros. Keep that in mind when looking at their information. 

We will give as much information as we can. We encourage and welcome questions. We will debunk the lies of the BLM and all others who make untrue claims, because it's the right thing to do. 

We're in it for the horses and burros.

Why do some people get involved in these websites and non profit organizations? I'm not sure, but I can tell you why I do. 


It takes a lot of time. It takes a lot of money. It's stressful and heartbreaking. It's a lot of research and much learning and knowledge. 

I do it because I love our American heritage. America was built on the backs of the horses. Burros carried the burdens of humans. Wars were fought and won. Our fields were plowed, races won, mail delivered. 

Thousands of our horses and burros are shipped to foreign countries to be slaughtered and fed to other countries for food. Mustangs and burros, some which are already gone, are at urgent risk. 

I do this because these iconic horses are  national treasures.  They are a symbol of American Freedom. A glorious, beautiful gift for all of us, that urgently needs our help. 

I do this because I hope more people will act soon! I do it to spread the word and give guidance on how to move forward to protect an animal that to me, makes life worth living. 

That's why I do it. 




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At National Treasure Wild Horse Rescue we home and advocate for wild horses and burros. We are a wild horse rescue and a burro rescue. A equine animal shelter of sorts.

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Nearly four years ago I went to my first adoption event put on by the BLM. I was just going to look, though in my heart, I wished there was a way. My Aunt and Uncle opened up their property for me! 

That day I adopted Brandy, a beautiful yearling mustang and my uncle adopted Lucky, a BLM burro. He did that for me. A wonderful couple, my Aunt and Uncle. 

The following year we did it again! That year, we added Calypso the mustang and Shadow the burro. That was two years ago. 

Last month I adopted three Virginia Range mustangs. Cisco, Poncho and Curly. This journey has been a fulfilling one. 

My beloved son passed away a few months before that first adoption event. He always wondered why my fight for the horses wasn't an in person, physically present one. Now it is, son. Now it is. 


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BLM roundup footage

This is the reality for wild horses. 

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National Treasure Wild Horse and Burro Rescue

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